This map presents the percentage of Covid19 related news in all the published content by top 25 most engaging outlets in each country across Western Balkans.  

TOP 150 media outlets from WB published 422,693 NEWS in January 2022, including political, economy, social, entertainment, sport, opinions, culture, regional and global news. 

Top 25 performing outlets in these countries create 93 news every day (on average), where five articles are related to Covid19 vaccine.

The highest percentage of Covid19 vaccine related news is noted in Macedonia (8.1% from 51,558 articles), and the lowest is noted in Serbia (4% from 133,603 articles).


The volume of published content varies for each of the analyzed countries; another comparable aspect through countries is the relationship between the NEWS about “Covid-19 vaccine” and ENGAGEMENTS by their audience.

This relationship gives us the average number of reactions (likes, comments shares and emotions) in a particular country. It provides an additional perspective of the public interest and reactions to the analyzed topic.

The following table presents the number Covid-19 vaccine NEWS and their engagements for each WB country in January 2022.

From the presented data, it is clear that Serbia has disproportionately higher number of audience engagement compared to other countries in the region. Further investigation revealed that “Djokovic - Australia Open incident” profoundly affected the social media engagement about “Covid-19 vaccine” in Serbia.

In January, the average number of audience reactions per “Covid-19 vaccine” article, was 4.9 times higher in Serbia (64), than in Albania (13).

Further, we analyzed the changes in Social media engagements about “Covid-19 vaccine” and the Vaccination Rates (official data) between December 2021 and January 2022.

Results show noticeable variation where Vaccination news obviously influence vaccination rates. The following chart shows the changes in Jan 22 compared to Dec 21. Each country has a different ratio of changes in news engagements vis-à-vis vaccination rates.

This analysis reveals some visible disparity in Serbia and Montenegro, where high surge of “Covid-19 vaccine” social engagement (compared to December), is followed by drop in the monthly vaccination levels.

At the beginning of vaccination rollout in 2021, Serbia was one of the leading courtiers in the region by the percentage of vaccinated population. Serbia in that period even donated vaccines to other neighboring countries. In the beginning of December 2021, vaccination rates in Serbia were around 20.000 vaccines delivered daily, slowly decreasing to 11.000 by the end of that month.

However, in January sharp reduction in vaccination is evident in Serbia, during the media saga “Novak Djokovic - Australian Open” (between the 05th and 17th of January).

During this period, Covid-19 vaccine related social engagements increased by 3.5 times, reaching a peak of more than 30k audience activity on 10th of January when Djokovic was released from the detention hotel.

At the same period, the daily vaccination rates dropped to the historically lowest numbers and marked an average of 72% decrease compared to the December’s average rates in Serbia.