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Welcome to

Pikasa Analytics data analytics
company operating in SEE region, specialized
in media analytics and strategical
development and monitoring of media outlets
& social media channels.

10 years experience

Over the past 10 years, Pikasa has worked with more than 30 media products on leading TV, Online and Radio media outlets in North Macedonia, supporting them to organically growth and contribute in building the open society.

Pikasa operates in Western Balkan countries: N. Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.


Pikasa’s media intelligence platform Analytics.live offers comprehensive and real-time analytics for monitoring the overall media landscape in the country, at the same time enabling its clients to scientifically measure their impact & presence in the media and compare with the activity of selected competitors.

24/7 monitoring and analysis

Analytics.live applies machine learning algorithms to an integrated feed of digital media sources and the major social media platforms to deliver actionable insights.

300+ Media outlets per country | 10,000 News articles per day/per country | 100.000 Social media content per day/country (Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, YouTube etc.)

Analytical products for your company

Our platform Analytics.live offer variety of products to answer some of the most concerning questions of brands and organizations today. With the high flux of online conversation that happens nowadays, analytics.live can help you understand:

What’s being said about your company.
What your competitors are saying and what is being said about them.
• The broader context in which you are operating and who is influencing your target customers.
• What’s the overall media and social media landscape.

What’s more, you need to understand it all in multiple languages, across the spectrum of traditional and social media platforms.

The challenge is spotting what is important fast enough to maximize the moment.

Many features to discover with PIKASA

Pikasa’s team can help to companies of all kinds to understand the media environment in the given context, to constantly monitor who is influencing their selected target groups and support brands to spot what is important fast enough so they can fully maximize the moment.


Media and Communications teams needing to track the performance of online outlets and social media channels Weekly customized ratings performance data

Weekly Media Intelligence product

• Media Outlets
• Social Media Channels
• Influencers (identify, track & rank influencers)

Propaganda Detector

Specialized media intelligence product designed to track, identify and report certain propaganda, based on machine learning algorithms developed by Pikasa, based on 5 years long learning process in media intelligence programs.

Custom Dashboards

Fully customized dashboards for based on specific partners needs.

Contact with us anytime

Pikasa Analytics offices

North Macedonia
Lam C/2/14, TC Mavrovka
Skopje, N. Macedonia
P:+389 2 3212-812
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16192 Coastal Hwy Lewes, De 19958
Lewes, De 19958
United States
P:(302) 291-2526
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