The report presents results from research conducted in March on the question: Which beer brands are most dominant in the digital space across Western Balkans.

Through detection algorithms based on Beer Brands specific research we were able to spot media articles and social media posts where Beer Brands are mentioned, and measure their audience engagements.

The INFOGRAPHIC presents TOP 3 BEER BRANDS for each country that had the most engagements through March 2022, in terms of their Shares of Total Beer Brands Engagements in the corresponding country.

The general conclusion is that domestic beers in all the countries are far more present in the digital environment compared to imported/international brands. In Albania, the top 3 brands in terms of digital presence are domestic brands.

Across countries, Heineken appears to be the most common international beer brand in March, being in the Top 3 Beer Brands, in 4 out of 6 countries in the region (except Albania and Kosovo). In Montenegro, 91% of the digital presence is based on Niksicko Pivo, with absolute dominance over the international brands, similarly to Birra Peja in Kosovo with 83%, and Nektar pivo in Bosnia and Herzegovina with 76% share of total voice.

Among the more prominent campaigns and events that contributed to greater audience interaction to the Beer Brands articles and posts in March, we single out:

In Montenegro, Niksicko's sponsorships of the famous "Mimosa Festival" - Herceg Novi, and the radio show "Every Friday exactly at midnight", while Skopsko Pivo engaged the digital audience in N. Macedonia with social posts as an official sponsor of the national football team during the European Football Championship play-offs and engaged the fan base during the matches against Italy and Portugal.

The results are overlaid on the Regional Heat Map of the Western Balkan countries, where color intensity represents the country’s beer consumption per capita.





Pikasa utilized its Media Intelligence Platform to conduct a real-time online monitoring of more than 2000 media outlets and thousands of social media channels throughout the 6 countries in the Western Balkan Region (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and North Macedonia). The analytics platform shows media articles along with their respective penetration in social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, YouTube etc.) by counting all types of activities and engagements.