The INFOGRAPHIC above presents The TOP 3 Most Engaging Instagram ShowBiz profiles in the 6 countries from the Western Balkan Region, ranked by the number of Posts to number of public Reactions Ratio (Average Engagements per post).

ShowBiz Category mainly includes Instagram profiles of Singers, Actors, Models, Stylists and other professionals from the Entertainment industry, coupled with profiles from people without public profession other than social networks “Influencers”.

As expected, the influencing power of the profiles generally corresponds with the country’s population size. The most prominent exemption from this general rule are Instagram profiles from Kosovo that are generating the highest engagement rates in the ShowBiz Influencers category among all countries in the Western Balkan region.

This is the case primarily due to the fact that their follower base greatly exceeds Kosovo's population, and spreads through the entire Albanian community in the region and in diaspora.


This analysis presents the results from research conducted in April 2022 period, utilizing its Media Intelligence Platform regarding the posts and reactions on Instagram profiles in ShowBiz Influencers category, across 6 countries of the Western Balkans Region.