In July, the phrase "Healthy food for weight loss" was searched on the Internet more than 150 times, according to our data from the new interactive product from which you can find out in real time what people are searching for on the Internet.

Summer vacations encouraged the citizens of N. Macedonia to take more interest in their appearance, so the internet is the place where they usually look for ideas on how to eat healthier.

In July, the phrase "Healthy food for weight loss" was searched online more than 150 times, according to data from Pikasa Analytics. In second place is the sentence Health food store with 100 searches, and in third place, i.e. the sequence of keywords Healthy food recipes is used 80 times. All three  were written in Macedonian language but with latin keybord.

In the three first-ranked searches, citizens used latin keybord. The first two most common searches are sentences, while the third ranked search used a string of keywords.

A list of searched keywords and phrases was taken into account and that list includes more than 650 variations that mention healthy food.

The Macedonian brands that are the most popular among citizens who have recently been interested in healthy food are Vitalia, Natura and Bio Cosmos.

The most searched products of "Vitalia" were BronhoVit, gluten-free bars and apple cider vinegar.

Using Latin keybord, citizens searched for BronhoVit, whose name is officially in Latin. The same is the case with Apple Cider Vinegar, while the official name "gluten free bar" is searched as "bezglutenski bar".

From the Natura brand, the most searched terms were "cereal", "musli" and "galeti". For the first two, latin keybord was used, while for galettes - Cyrillic.

The most searched products of "Bio Cosmos" in the past period were "tofu", "goat whey" and "coconut oil". When searching for "tofu", citizens used Cyrillic keybord, while for goat whey and coconut oil - on Macedonian language, but with latin keybord.

The data was obtained through our new interactive product SEO - Google Keywords which helps our customers in real time to find out what people are searching for on the Internet. The product is analytical and consists of very detailed views of search volume, trends, potential keywords, comparisons, categories, classes, personalities, institutions, brands, etc.