There is almost no media in the world, including the Western Balkans, that did not report the news about Queen Elizabeth.

Pikasa Analytics processed 7,477 news articles published in the past seven days, from a total of 994 media outlets in the six countries of the Western Balkans.

We applied Pikasa's advanced analytical tools to the thousands of published news articles to find out when the media published news about the Queen's death, which source or medium they referred to or based their information on.

Just as for previous analyses of global events, most media outlets didn’t state the source of their information, that is, 68.3 percent of the news did not have a stated source.

Among the world media that are referred to by the media from the Western Balkans, the most common is the BBC. Another media that is often cited as a source of information is Reuters, CNN and the Daily Mail.

News without a stated source was the most common in Kosovo, and the rarest in Serbia.