In Kosovo, shopping malls are popular places where people gather. In early 2024, we studied their social media activity and audience engagement.

Top shopping malls in Kosovo are very active on Instagram and Facebook. They post about new products, promotions, and events, often featuring local influencers. These posts get many likes and comments, showing strong audience interest.

Some malls highlight traditional and modern products, and promote local events. Others focus on community activities like charity events and sports sponsorships. They use Instagram Stories and Facebook Live to keep followers engaged.

The most active shopping malls on Facebook in the first quarter of 2024 were Albi Mall in Pristina and Galeria Mall in Prizren, each with 231 posts. They were followed by Prishtina Mall with 204 posts.

In terms of engagements, there is a significant difference between the top malls. Prishtina Mall dominates with over 30,000 engagements (likes, shares, comments). It is followed by Galeria Mall with 4,049 engagements, and Albi Mall with 2,372 engagements.

On Instagram, audience reactions are much higher compared to Facebook. Galeria Mall is the most active with 211 posts, followed by Albi Mall in Pristina with 186 posts, Albi Mall in Gjilan with 175 posts, Abi Çarshia with 160 posts, and Prishtina Mall with 128 posts.

Despite having fewer posts compared to other malls in the top 5, Prishtina Mall still dominates audience engagements with 23,361 engagements. It is followed by Abi Çarshia with 14,551 engagements, Albi Mall with 9,847 engagements, Albi Mall Gjilan with 9,501 engagements, and Galeria Mall with 7,284 engagements.

For this analysis, Pikasa utilized its real-time platform,, to measure the official social media channels of shopping malls in Kosovo. This platform provided up-to-date data on the number of posts made by each mall, as well as the level of audience engagement on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This allowed for a comprehensive assessment of the social media activity and performance of these malls during the first quarter of 2024.