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Pikasa Analysis

How audience react on World Cup Qatar 2022 news?

Audience reactions on Western Balkans media outlets

Most active Western Balkans airports on Facebook

Number of reactions and fans on official Facebook pages of Western Balkans airports during November

Did the "Physical attack on “Sali Berisha" took the media attention from the "EU Summit in Tirana"?

EU Summit in Tirana vs. Physical attack to Berisha

Which female singers got the attention of Instagram audiences in the Western Balkan countries?

Most popular female singers on Instagram

Who are the most active diplomats on media outlets in N. Macedonia?

Media presence of the diplomatic corps in North Macedonia

"Black Friday" audience reactions

Which industries had more reactions to the "Black Friday" campaign?

Queen's death: BBC is the most common source in the Western Balkan media

How Western Balkan media informed about the death of Queen Elizabeth

How did the rape of the 11-year-old girl echoed in Kosova's media landscape?

Topic analysis in media landscape: The rape of the 11-year-old girl in Kosovo

Top Searched Keywords on the Internet

Analysis for the most searched words in the health food category for July 2022




The INFOGRAPHIC above presents The TOP 3 Most Engaging Instagram ShowBiz profiles in the 6 countries from the Western Balkan Region, ranked by the number of Posts to number of public Reactions Ratio (Average Engagements per post).

SUNFLOWER OIL CRISIS: No Crisis Exploitation Allowed!

After the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Sunflower oil export prices rapidly increased due to the fact that Ukraine and Russia are global leaders in the supply of sunflower oil.

Local or Imported Beer?

The report presents results from research conducted in March on the question: Which beer brands are most dominant in the digital space across Western Balkans.


The following presentation reflects the media presence of the 10 Joint Stock Companies that are part of the MBI10 index of the Macedonian Stock Exchange.

CNN, Sputnik or Kiev Independent

Russia-Ukraine conflict media monitoring What sources of information News Outlets use to inform about the ongoing conflict?

Keywords Alert Spike: "Hitler"

Pikasa's proprietary platform analytics.live reports spike in keyword mention during the past 24 hours based on real-time monitoring of 2.000 media outlets in 6 Western Balkan countries.

ANALYSIS: How news influence vaccination

The highest percentage of Covid19 vaccine related news is noted in Macedonia (8.1% from 51,558 articles), and the lowest is noted in Serbia (4% from 133,603 articles).

Cold Radiators, Hot Networks and Djokovic

The Melbourne drama, as any good drama, developed in three acts, which sparked major spikes of interest and reaction among domestic audiences, as seen from the graphic depiction of digital media activity during the saga.

COVID19 Real-time Media/Social Media monitoring

Track and analyze how the the conversation about COVID19 evolves

Research: The impact of Covid19 on Social/Media landscape in 2020

Result from analysis of 2.5 million news in N.Macedonia in 2020

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