The following presentation reflects the media presence of the 10 Joint Stock Companies that are part of the MBI10 index of the Macedonian Stock Exchange.

The monitoring of PIKASA ANALYTICS presents the results of 400 monitored digital media, which in total published over 300,000 news items during February (politics, economy, sports, culture, technology, chronicle, etc.). Some of these news refer to the activities of the largest and most successful joint stock companies, participants in the MBI10 index.

The attached results show:

- How many media announcements were mentioned

- How many times have they been mentioned on social networks Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

- How many total reactions were caused by the posts where they were mentioned (sum of likes, shares, emotions and comments)

- Comparison with the previous month (January) - whether there is an increase or decrease in the number of mentions and reactions.

Besides the banks, which make up half of the MBI10 index, the other 5 companies are from different industries and therefore the table has no character of comparison of companies from different industries.

In the Pharmaceutical industry, Alkaloid AD participates with over 80% of all activities in the industry, and the most mentioned topic is Drugs.

Of all the companies analyzed from the MBI10 list, Makedonski Telekom with its campaigns caused the largest number of reactions from readers and dominates with 60% of the total activities in the industry, while Makpetrol participates in 62% of the reactions related to the Oil Industry, where a topic mentioned in February is: "Fuel prices".

* Monitoring is enabled by Picasa's platform, which tracks over 2,000 media outlets in the Western Balkans and major social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube) and offers comprehensive and real-time analytics to track the overall media landscape in the country, in at the same time enabling their clients to measure their influence and presence in the media and to compare themselves with the activity of selected competitors.

* Data is public.