The first news about the rape of the 11-year-old girl in Kosovo were published on August 28.

However, the news was initially published only in four digital media in Kosovo. The reason for this can be found in the fact that August 28 this year was a Sunday, when newsrooms work with reduced capacity.

In comparison, just one day before the first texts about the girl were published, the main topic in the media was the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia. The text of Indeks online, which talks about the Kosovo-Serbian dialogue, received 2,150 likes, 1,650 comments and 100 shares, that is a total of 3,900 reactions from the audience, which is over three times more than the most commented text about the rape of the girl.

The topic of the rape of the girl, despite the fact that it caused great reactions in the public, is still in third place behind other top topics in Kosovo, that is, the topic of the Kosovo-Serbian dialogue is the most popular, and the energy crisis is in second place.

On August 29, 566 texts related to the rape of the girl were published, while the peak of this topic in the public occurred on August 30, when 798 news were published.

The text on received the most reactions from the audience, 1,097, in which it is written about a woman who commented on Facebook that the girl who was raped "was asking for it".

The second news article that received the most reactions from the public was the text of the Indeks online, in which it is written about the protest that took place due to the rape of the girl.

In third place is the text of Paparazzi, which republished a Twitter post by journalist Vehbi Kajtazi, in which he calls out the singer Fifi to keep quiet about the rape case, because he claims that she had recorded two duets with a man who was accused of rape and drugging a minor.

On August 31, 628 texts on the subject were published and new information about the case is already coming to the surface, the third most popular text for that day discloses that the girl was raped another time in the past.

In first and second place in terms of reactions from the public are texts that write about the protest in Tirana.

On the 1st of September, the topic is already fading in the public eye, with 193 published texts.

Although the media first reported on the case on August 28, the first posts on social networks came on August 29.

The most popular post on the social networks was the post of the president of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, which received 8,671 reactions from the public. In second place was the announcement of the mayor of Pristina, Pеrparim Rama, and in third place was the announcement of MP Mimosa Kusari.

The number of posts on social networks increases on August 30, and reaches its peak on August 31, while it drops sharply on September 1, when there were only 12 posts on the topic.

The audience commented and shared the most posts related to the rape around 3 pm, while posts related to the Kosovo-Serbian dialogue were most popular at 7 and 8 pm in the afternoon.

On September 3, a text on the portal Indeks online, in which it is written that six suspects in the case have been arrested, collected the most likes and comments.

The reactions from the audience were highest on August 29 (21,556).